Three Seizures

I woke up with auras Sunday. Sometimes when I have auras, they may go into a seizure. Other times, the auras just end. Sunday was a day unlike any other.

I had 3 seizures in a row and was taken to the hospital. They shot me with a bunch of stuff, including Keppra--which I now have to take daily. I used to self-medicate with CBD tincture. It seems that during my aura I drank green tea and CBD at the same time. Did it make it worse? Who knows. All I know is I never had 3 seizures in one day before. No more green tea and CBD for me!

I thought I was going to die. Please keep me in your healing prayers. I am still not 100% from these things--even though they released me the same day from the hospital. My memory is fuzzy and I am still groggy.

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