The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 3: New Home Holidays is coming July 12th!

Updated: Jul 6

You may be familiar with the children's book series The Woes of a Ginger Named Red. Currently, the series consists of Book 1: The Big Move and Book 2: Treasures in the Attic. Book 3 is finished and heading to the presses this week! It will be ready for purchase July 12, 2021!

The Woes of a Ginger named Red is a series about Ginger. Ginger is a little red-haired girl who has had to face a lot of scary things in her short life. She has epilepsy and sometimes has seizures. The medication she takes stunts her growth so she is much smaller than the other kids her age. In addition to being small, her teeth are also stunted so the four front teeth she lost in the past have never grown adult teeth in those spaces.

Ginger struggles with many things. In addition to her struggles, her mom and sister call her RED, when really she just wants to be called Ginger. In some of her most down moments, they call her Red, which makes her feel like they don't care enough to use her real name GInger.

I am excited to bring a protagonist to children who struggle with epilepsy. Although epileptic children can finally have a favorite book character with whom they can relate, all kids can relate to most struggles that Ginger faces.

Book 1: The Big Move

Nine-year-old Ginger has a mild seizure disorder. Although her seizures don’t happen very often, they are huge to her. Because of the seizures, Ginger is on medications that stunt her growth and make her feel like an outsider. When her mom announces that they’re going to move to a new home in the country, Ginger starts to panic about facing new bullies at her new school. Will Ginger crumble under the pressure of the move, or will she manage to flourish instead?

Book 2: Treasures in the Attic

What happens when Ginger invites her BFF from Ellington to stay the weekend in her new house? The attic caught Ginger's eye before the housue was even theirs. What does Ginger and Andi find during their treasure hunt? Join Ginger as she explores the treasure-filled space with her old friend, Andi.

Book 3: New Home Holidays

Ginger has a seizure before Halloween. When she is invited to join a friend to go trick or treating, Ginger's mom worries she isn't ready. Will she go trick or treating? This will be the first holiday season Ginger and her family spend in their new home. Will it be a disaster or a start of fabulous memories? Join Ginger as she celebrates her first set of holidays in her new home.

The Woes of a Ginger Named Red Series can be found at most online retailers including but not limited to: Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Books a Million, and Half Price Books.

BOOK 3 (New Home Holidays) is COMING July 12, 2021!

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