The (not so) Hidden Agenda in Children's Books

Updated: Jul 20

What you need to know when choosing books for your children.

You go to the bookstore and your child sees a book with a fun image and asks for the book. Sure! It's a cute book, so you buy it. It looks harmless, right? You take the book home and your child reads it. You assume they like the book and you never once think to read it yourself.

Your child's book may leave them with questions they are too confused or scared to ask. Why? The children's book industry is full of children's books that contain adult information. Topics like LGBTQ, racism, and gender confusion. Some books are obviously filled with these topics. You look at the cover and it is very evident. Other books aren't so obvious. They sneak the topics in the story, so you would have to read the book to find it. Many parents don't read their children's books.

Now before you keep reading and think I am a hater of LGBTQ, different races, or sexual content--I am not. To each their own! Adults can choose to do whatever they want. All that stuff is adult stuff and does NOT belong in any of the children's industries. Children's books should be filled with innocence, fun, and learning--not forced racism, gender confusion and sexual orientation.

If you research manuscript wish lists from literary agents, you will find most of them are requesting LGBTQ, OwnVoices, and other politically backed agendas. If you submit books that don't fall into these categories, you will get rejected. Children's toys are becoming the same way--dolls wearing lingerie and tattoos. Many people are trying to remove traditional values and they are beginning with children's industries. By rejecting traditional value books and publishing adult oriented books, they are creating a generation full of confused children that are being exposed to adult topics way too early in life.

EXAMPLE OF JUST A FEW CHILDREN'S BOOKS filled with adult topics

I am on a mission to flood the children's book market with wholesome, innocent books that parents won't be afraid to have their children read. I don't introduce any adult topics in my books. I have written over 20 books so far, but I am slowly rolling them out into the market.

The following books are currently available online at Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Books-a-Million, Amazon, Target and many other sites! Ask for them in your children's library and school library!

The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 1: The Big Move

A middle grade series that focuses on the life of a child with mild epilepsy

Nine-year-old Ginger has a mild seizure disorder. Although her seizures don't happen very often, they are huge to her. Because of the seizures, Ginger is on medications that stunt her growth and make her feel like an outsider. When her mom announces that they're going to move to a new home in the country, Ginger starts to panic about facing new bullies at her new school. Will Ginger crumble under the pressure of the move, or will she manage to flourish instead?

The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 2: Treasures in the Attic

Book 2 of a series that focuses on the life of a child with mild epilepsy and life in her new home..

What happens when Ginger invites her BFF from Ellington to stay the weekend in her new house? The attic caught Ginger's eye before the house was even theirs. What does Ginger and Andi find during their treasure hunt? Join Ginger as she explores the treasure-filled space with her old friend, Andi.

The Woes of a Ginger Named Red--Book 3: New Home Holidays (COMING SOON!)

Book 3 of a series that focuses on the life of a child with mild epilepsy and holidays in her new home.

Ginger enjoys her first set of holidays in her new home. Come along with Ginger as she trick or treats, has Thanksgiving guests stay over, and celebrates her first Christmas in her new home!

Mouse's Houses

A retro style picture book with classic, detailed pictures kids love.

Mouse is a mouse who thinks her house is too small. She sets out to find the perfect house. Will mouse find her perfect house? Join Mouse as she learns a valuable lesson--The difference between a house and a home.

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