Mouse's Houses

Teach your kids that the size and fanciness of a house is not what matters most, and not every house can be a home--order them Mouse's Houses today! Mouse's Houses is a picture book written for children ages 4-8 (approximately!). Both adults and children will love the classic-style detailed art in this book.

Mouse is a mouse who thinks her house is too small. She sets out to find the perfect house. Will mouse find her perfect house? Join Mouse as she learns a valuable lesson--the difference between a house and a home.

Mouse's Houses is available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Half Price Books, Walmart, Books a Million, and many other online retailers where books are sold!

ISBN: 978-1-0879-6667-0

Andrea Witt is a Children's Book Author with a mission to keep children's books wholesome and fun. Don't ever worry about the content of your child's books again when you order books by Andrea Witt.

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